Legislative Track @OGP Global Summit 2018

tbilisi pic.jpg

On Tuesday, July 17th, the parliament of Georgia will be hosting the legislative openness track to the 2018 OGP Global Summit.

To promote this track, invitations to parliamentary leadership were sent to all OGP countries inviting members of parliament to the Global Summit. As the open parliament community moves into its five year anniversary with OGP, this day involves a theme of self-reflection and progress as the community works to set productive and effective goals for the continual growth of the legislative openness agenda. Featured discussions include an evaluation of the legislative engagement policy, sharing of best practices when creating and implementing open parliament commitments, and the next steps of the Legislative Openness Working Group. Additionally, this year will feature a high energy format of “lightening talks” on a variety of engaging topics.  

We strongly encourage members of the open parliament community and those interested in the topic, including members of parliament, parliamentary staff and civil society leaders, to attend the OGP Global Summit in Georgia and to participate in these important discussions.

Please click here to register for the parliament day