Parliaments as Partners for Open Government Reform

Parliaments can be formidable champions of the principles and values of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) and pivotal partners in advancing the open government agenda. This note outlines where OGP has successfully partnered with parliaments to date and how such partnerships could be deepened to develop and implement more ambitious open government reforms. In view of the growing demand for parliamentary engagement across the Partnership, this note further serves as a conversation starter for partners and participating countries interested in taking this forward.

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Roadmap for Legislative Openness

This document is intended to provide a framework for parliaments to develop their respective national legislative openness action plans and/or initiatives. Through the adoption of this Road Map at the Gathering of ParlAmericas’ Open Parliament Network (OPN), legislators commit to promoting and implementing specific actions that promote the principles of the Declaration on Parliamentary Openness and the Declaration of Santiago on Transparency and Integrity in Parliaments and Political Parties. These commitments are organized in accordance with the four pillars of the OPN: transparency and access to information; accountability; citizen participation; and ethics and probity

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Toolkit for Advancing legislative openness

This guide aims to enrich the efforts of parliaments and their civil society counterparts to engage in collaborative processes aimed at developing and implementing openness commitments, either as part of the OGP process or otherwise. The first section focuses on the development of open parliament commitments in NAPs and the variety of ways that parliaments can engage in and around OGP. The second section shares the experiences of a variety of parliaments and CSOs in collaborating in the creation of parliamentary openness commitments and in developing ongoing mechanisms for dialogue on openness. The final section shares some of the types of commitments that parliaments have made to become more open, accountable and engaging of citizens. It also lists additional resources that can be drawn upon to advance parliamentary openness.

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